2020: A Trip Into Wayne Rooney’s Real Madrid Nightmare Filled Future

The Offside View got hold of a Delorean and revved her up to 88mph and saw that an Old Trafford hero was heading for a tough time of it…

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As Wayne Rooney, 35, winds his football down with Abu Dhabi Allstars, many have been commentating on the ups and downs of his career.

Manchester United manager Ryan Giggs was quick to point to the good times ‘Wayne was such a great player at United, there can be no denying that. It turned sour towards the end though. When he refused to play against Wolves in the Carling Cup that was the final straw, I remember the interview he did with the Sunday Mirror that week where he said it was a straight choice between City and Chelsea. The manager didn’t like that and there was no way he was going to a Premier League club, so that’s why he went to Real Madrid I suppose.’

Of course, Wayne’s time at Madrid was overshadowed by his personal life yet again. Despite a good start to his career there, his refusal to learn the language or integrate caused problems both at the club and at home. As Gonzalo Higuain explains ‘I never meant for me and Coleen to become an item. I’d been trying to help Wazza settle in and ended up spending a lot of time at their house and it just sort of happened. I’m obviously sorry for Wayne but he ended up with Jordan and me, Colleen and Kai are very happy, especially now I’m at Everton.’
Jose Mourinho adds ‘He was very eager when he got here but the ankle injury caused big problems. Apparently it dates back to when he was at Old Trafford, it was an old injury which was made chronic by playing on it before it had healed properly. In hindsight yes, I would have rather kept Kaka and Karim Benzema and not involved them in the transfer but fate dealt me a fortunate hand as when I went to United they were both instrumental, especially when we won the treble. Ryan Giggs tells me Karim is still a great player even at his age, but then Ryan would know all about players extending their careers.’

After seeing out his contract with Real Madrid, Wayne Rooney decided to take a chance in rapidly rising Major League Soccer. David Beckham had just become the manager at the Chicago Fire franchise and thought Rooney would relish the opportunity ‘It was a change for him and I thought it would be good to get him away from distractions and perhaps try and get back in the England squad ahead of the 2018 World Cup. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way and obviously when he head-butted the Red Bulls player and fractured his own skull, it caused no end of problems. After the ban, he just didn’t seem to care anymore. When I took over the England job, I always found it a shame that Rooney was no longer in contention.’

Javier Hernandez, better known as Chicharito said ‘I only played with Wayne a handful of times and obviously got a lot of opportunities after he went. I remember seeing him before the World Cup final at Wembley and he wished me luck and swore about Beckham and the England team, I’m not sure if he was happy when Smalling headed the winner but he obviously felt he should have been part of it.’

Abu Dhabi Allstars manager, Roy Hodgson, was eager to get his new signing ‘I may be in a minority of one but I thought he played some great football at Chicago. He’s only 35 and whilst he’s still playing there’s always a chance we’ll see him attain the heights he did at Manchester United.’

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