Top 5 Headed Goals Of All Time (Video)

Old Trafford striker Javier Hernandez scored an instinctive backwards header on Sunday, but what other headers rival his goal as the best ever?

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5. Javier Hernandez. The diminutive Mexican found the ball flicked onto him from a corner slightly behind him. With no room or time for an overhead kick he did the only thing he could, using remarkable neck muscle strength to flick the ball backwards into the net.

4. Enzo Maresca. A great header on its own, but the fact that it occurred in injury time of the Turin derby made it hugely important. Furthermore, his celebration, which mocked the bull symbol of Torino, incited Juventus’ opposition into such rage a fight broke out between players.

3. Mart Poom. Derby County were a goal down to Sunderland in the Premier League, and in injury time the Rams goalkeeper went up for a corner, scoring a bullet header thanks to an enormous leap. His celebration mostly consisted of legging it back to his goal to prevent himself being lobbed!

2. Graziano Mannari. The former AC Milan forward – now retired – scored this beauty at the end of a wonderful flowing team move. A superbly timed run and difficult angle make this one of the best headers ever.

1. Martin Palermo. Though famous as being the man to miss three penalties in one match and losing countless fantasy football players a huge total of points everywhere, Palermo is also a mightily handy striker. He scored this long distance effort after a poor goalkeeper clearance, and the reaction time and control on the header are quite remarkable – even with the amount of luck involved.