Disney’s 50th Animated Feature Tangled Hits UK Cinemas Today

Tangled is now showing across the UK.

Tangled and Tangled 3D are now showing at UK cinemas. Disney’s 50th animated feature film stars Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy.

Tangled is officially the most expensive animated film ever to be made, and was originally titled Rapunzel until changing shortly before its release. The film follows the legendary story of Princess Rapunzel, who is abducted from the castle by the scheming Mother Gothel, who covets the girl’s magical hair. The golden locks shimmer with the secret of eternal youth but must never be cut, else the hair will lose its power and turn brown. Gothel confines the girl to a tower and convinces the child that she must never leave the high-rise fortress, for fear that she will fall victim to the evils of man.

Tangled cinema listings are available to view online now.