Watch Cheap Foreign Premier League Broadcasts In Your Local Pub Without Fear of Arrest!

Take that Sky! (Picture of random pub for illustrative purposes only, we have never been to this particular pub).

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Broadcasters cannot stop customers using cheaper foreign satellite TV equipment to watch Premier League football, an EU legal adviser has said.

A non-binding opinion from advocate Juliane Kokott of the European Court of Justice said a block breached EU laws.

Portsmouth pub landlady Karen Murphy, fined for using Greek decoders, had argued the EU single market should let her use any European provider.

Sky and ESPN have the broadcast rights to Premier League football in the UK.

The satellite broadcaster has pumped billions into top flight English football since the league was founded in 1992, with the money given to clubs allowing them to buy some of the top names in the world.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) will make a ruling on the matter later this year.


This is quite a coup and one that caught us on the back foot. One wonders if the European Court of Justice will uphold the ruling, if not I suggest that the next game that follows such a blocking of the ruling, everyone barricades themselves in their chosen pub and refuse to leave until the law is changed! Providing the bar is well stocked of course!

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