Tottenham Assistant Boss Joe Jordan Denies AC Milan Star Rino Gattuso’s Allegations

Tottenham assistant manager Joe Jordan has firmly denied allegations of racism from AC Milan midfielder Rino Gattuso.

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Joe Jordan launched a scathing attack on Gennaro Gattuso and described him as ‘pathetic’ for claiming racism played a part in their San Siro feud.

After grabbing Jordan by the throat and later headbutting him, the AC Milan midfielder made out, via his agent, that he had been provoked by the Tottenham coach calling Gattuso a ‘f****** Italian b******’.

But Jordan broke his silence, telling Sportsmail: ‘To come up with something like that is pathetic. It is completely and utterly untrue and something so wildly inaccurate doesn’t do him much credit.

‘He clearly doesn’t realise I consider playing for Milan the proudest time of my career, that my daughter lives and works in Italy and that I love the country and the people.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail

Without meaning to be flippant, surely the “Italian” bit of the alleged insult isn’t the worst part?

Would you rather someone say “You’re Italian,” or “You’re a f****** b******.”

I’m not Italian, but I’d still rather someone was inaccurate with my nationality than call me a f****** b******.

Okay: I was clearly being flippant.

Joe Jordan presumably said something to make Rino Gattuso even more angry – even if he is wound tighter than a coiled spring and had evidently got out the wrong side of the bed that morning.

Whether it was to mention his correct nationality or not is irrelevant – you can’t grab people by the neck or headbutt.

What’s that saying about sticks and stones again?

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