The Linekers Say ‘Do Me a Favour’ To Help Spot Cancer Early

Football legend Gary Lineker and his actress and model wife Danielle, are asking the British public to send a message to a loved one, via a personalised video starring them both, to spot cancer early for Cancer Research UK’s ‘Do Me A Favour’ campaign –

The short videos that Gary (age 50) and Danielle (age 31) have created ask the public to encourage their parents, friends, older loved ones or colleagues to ‘Do Me a Favour’ and go to the doctor if they’re concerned that something isn’t quite right with their health. The videos are quick and easy to personalise and can be sent securely on email or shared through social media. During 2011 more celebrity pairings will be taking part in the campaign.

When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the chances of successful treatment are higher and it is estimated that earlier diagnosis and treatment could mean up to 10,000 fewer cancer deaths each year. Nearly 300,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year and taking part in this campaign will help to spread the word about spotting cancer early.

Gary says: “I’m not overjoyed about turning 50 but despite the wrinkles and grey hair, I am lucky that I am healthy and still pretty much my playing weight. This campaign is about giving the people you care about a nudge and reminding them that if they’re worried about their health in any way then they should go to the doctor, otherwise it will just nag away. It might also be getting worse in that period of time so please do listen to Cancer Research UK and go and get it checked out.”

Danielle says: “Being part of ’Do Me A Favour’ means a lot to me. My grandmother died of cancer at 60 and I feel that if she had got herself checked out sooner, her survival chances could have been better. So, for me to be involved in this is just great. I want to try and bring home the message to get checked out if you think something isn’t quite right.”

Cancer Research UK is determined to tackle the problem of late diagnosis of cancer and along with the Department of Health, is committed to the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI), which was set up to improve cancer outcomes in England.

NAEDI aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer and encourage people to get them checked out sooner rather than later, and support primary health care professionals to diagnose cancer earlier, including improving access to diagnostic tests. Early diagnosis is key to boosting cancer survival.

So do your loved ones a favour, go to and personalise a message from Gary Lineker to help spot cancer early!

To send a nudge from Gary to a loved one visit –