Barcelona Not Happy With Arsenal and Will Not Pay £43m for Cesc Fabregas

Emirates captain will not be moving to Nou Camp…not at that price anyway.

At only 23 and with a contract until 2015, Arsenal believe that Fabregas belongs among the elite group of players (Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres) who have commanded transfer fees of at least €50 million.
“Barca is not disposed to pay €50 million for Cesc Fabregas next summer,” said Sandro Rosell, the Barcelona president. “That is decided and, although [Pep] Guardiola demands this player, we will not pay this amount.
“It is impossible due to a simple reason. In football, prices are reduced each year and, if we offered Arsenal €40 million for Cesc last summer, 50 million is now impossible. If the coach demands Cesc we will negotiate with the Gunners but at a correct limit and without madness and, if the operation is not possible, we will wait for other opportunities.”
The situation regarding Fabregas could be further complicated by Barcelona’s financial situation, with the club recording a loss of £65 million and debts of £272 million for the 2009-10 accounting year.
Rosell also admitted that relations between the two clubs were soured by Arsenal recruiting Jon Miguel Toral from the Barcelona academy.

“Our relationship with Arsenal is not good – the Toral issue has not pleased us,” Rosell said. “The future of Cesc is in his hands and we could only negotiate with Arsenal if Guardiola insists. Only with any sale is it possible to increase the money for the negotiations.”

SOURCE: Telegraph

Is Sandro Rosell serious? A valuation of £43m in today’s market seems more than reasonable, and clearly if they are not willing to pay it then fine, but if not then surely they have to respect a club’s decision on the matter. If I go to a shop and they are charging x amount for a product and I can’t afford it or I think it’s too much, then I don’t bother to hassle the shop or get angry about it, I leave.

Barcelona will of course continue to play the media game this summer and if anyone think’s this is the end of the matter, they are seriously mistaken. Cesc Fabregas is very much a player Pep Guardiola wants but one has to wonder at the wisdom of such a move for the Emirates skipper.

Where would the talented Spanish international fit into the starting eleven? Neither Xavi or Andres Iniesta will be dropped, so where exactly will he find himself? That’s right, on the Nou Camp bench. That’s not because he isn’t a great player, it’s because he isn’t as good as either of those two fellow Spaniards, which is no shame as both are considered the best in the business in their respective positions.

Such a purchase by the Catalan giants would be a view to the future and not to now, and Fabregas would have to take this into account before pushing for a move away from the Emirates. The likes of Samir Nasri, Andrei Arshavin and Robin Van Persie are also reportedly being chased by interested parties, but don’t expect manager’s of the club’s pursuing them to say “It’s not fair, Arsenal want too much money!”.

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