Coca Cola Drop Wayne Rooney: Sponsors Axe Man United Star

Is it just me or is this getting way out of control.

RANTING Wayne Rooney has been sensationally dropped by mega-sponsors Coca-Cola.
Coke announced the star’s £600,000-a-year deal had been axed yesterday – hours before he celebrated scoring the winning goal in Man United’s Champions League victory over Chelsea.

Married dad Rooney, 25, put his contract in jeopardy last year by romping with two hookers.

And he faces a ban for spitting the F-word into a TV camera.

The soccer star earned £600,000 a year by plugging the soft drinks giant’s original cola and Coke Zero.

The axe means Rooney is losing almost a QUARTER of his sponsorship income.

And the experts reckon his boorish behaviour means he could struggle to find a top-notch replacement.

The married dad of one was caught romping with hooker Jenny Thompson and another vice girl in a hotel last year.

Nigel Currie, director of sports marketing company Brand Rapport, said: “Coca-Cola is a family brand and they have probably decided they can do without the headlines and all that seems to follow him around at the moment.

“There are plenty of other footballers around with a clean image who could be used in his place.

“Coca-Cola will have acted after weighing up the damage being done to their reputation by being associated with him. It’s a huge brand and there is only so much the bosses will put up with.

“The other thing is that while Rooney is famous in England, he’s not as well known in America. So Coke executives over there will just be hearing all the bad stuff and thinking he’s not worth it.”


What next, Cameraman to sue Wayne Rooney for hurting his feelings. This is getting ridiculous. If Coca Cola didn’t drop Wayne Rooney for using the services of a rather tawdry prostitute then they sure as hell have no right dropping the England and Man United man for swearing on a football field. This is just getting ridiculous.

The FA have of course now decided to ban the striker for two games and by doing so have opened a can of worms they will wish they never put a tin opener to. You see, from now on if a player swears excessively at anyone on the field of play then by rights the FA will have to meat out the same punishment because surely the powers that be don’t believe swearing at a cameraman is worse than swearing at an official, do they?


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