Named On TV: Imogen Thomas Married Premier League Footballer Love Rat Revealed on Have I Got News for You: Super Injunction Censors Broadcast

Guess Who?

The BBC was last night forced to blank out parts of Have I Got News For You to protect the identity of a celebrity who has won a gagging order.
Tory MP Louise Bagshawe came close to identifying a married Premier League footballer who had an affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas – but was censored.
It came as Ken Clarke was urged to order judges to put freedom of the press before the privacy of the rich and famous. Senior Tory John Whittingdale said the Government should intervene after a series of injunctions were handed down by the courts.
Last night, as part of the BBC One show’s ‘odd one out’ round, four images of people who have taken out injunctions were displayed with their faces blacked out. Miss Bagshawe, who is also a novelist, said: ‘You’re not allowed to know who they are. They may or may not have done something with ladies who are not their wives. One of them definitely doesn’t rhyme with… even though he is a footballer.’
When she said the rhyme, the sound was muted and a black bar was slapped across her mouth.
Nearly 30 footballers, actors and television presenters have won injunctions in recent weeks alone, muzzling the press from printing details of their sexual indiscretions.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

Surely it is now only a matter of time before this made public news, many believe they already know the identity of the footballer in question who is a household name and a family man by all accounts. But who is it?

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