The Great Football Experiment- The Final Three: Who Deserves the Shot of a Lifetime?

You Decide!

Early starts, dodgy pitches and tiny changing rooms – it’s passion, not fame or fortune that makes your team turn up every week. The greatest game in the world unites you for those lung-busting 90 minutes. But what if you had the best physical and mental preparation possible? What if you prepared like the England team?

We’re giving one amateur league side that very chance. And we don’t just mean the team with the best record. We’re looking for passion, character and potential. If that’s your team, you could enjoy the same style of world-class coaching and support as the England squad. And at the end of it all you’ll get to take on a team of England Legends. So, just how good could your side be with the right preparation?

Watch the video below to help make your decision