Imogen Thomas Super Injunction Married Premier League Footballer Confesses to His Wife

Guess who? Family man footballer tells all to his missus.

The married soccer star who had a six-month affair with Imogen Thomas has confessed all to his devastated wife.

She confronted the footballer after becoming suspicious that he was the person hiding behind a court order that gags the media from revealing his fling with the Big Brother beauty.

And friends say the wife was “in tears” when he admitted the truth. But she has agreed not to walk out for the sake of their family.

“For the past two weeks the player’s wife has been wondering if it is her husband being referred to in all the newspapers as the footballer who had an affair,” a source said.

“She has been fearing the worst. But she needed to hear it for herself so confronted him, demanding to know the truth.

“She asked him straight out if he had been cheating and he admitted he had. The ­infidelity has left her ­devastated.

“But she’s determined to try to make the marriage work and keep her family together.”

The Sunday Mirror cannot name the world-famous star, who is hiding behind a super-injunction to protect his ­reputation.

SOURCE: Daily Mirror

What are the odds that the footballer’s identity is revealed by the end of the season? Given that everyone seems to think they know who the Premier League star is, surely he is best off doing an Andrew Marr, and admitting all?

But who is it?

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