“Spend it Like Beckham”: Help UNICEF to Make a Difference

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham, calls on fans to send him a birthday wish and make children smile

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham is urging fans keen to mark his 36th birthday on 2nd May to buy a special UNICEF football that will be delivered directly to vulnerable children across the world.

Once bought online at, the unique, professional quality footballs, part of UNICEF’s ‘Inspired Gifts’ range, will be directly delivered to children in the poorest communities, providing them with desperately lacking sports kit and a chance to play, exercise and have fun.

“I was given my first football when I was very young and it was the best present I ever had. Now I’m 36 and I’m asking you to help me give that same excitement and joy to thousands of other children” said Goodwill Ambassador Beckham, who on a visit with UNICEF to Sierra Leone in 2008 saw the life changing impact of football on children’s lives.

“Across the world, from schools to refugee camps, a game of football brings children and communities together to play and forget any trauma or worries for an hour or two.” Beckham continued.

“So from one lover of football to another, let’s put it right for children – please buy a child a sporting gift by going to Every one of your birthday gifts will make a real difference to a child’s life.”

UNICEF ‘Inspired Gifts’ are real supplies – like vaccines, medicines, food, water containers, and education materials – that are delivered to those children and communities in most need, and those who are affected by emergencies.

UNICEF believes it is wrong that millions of children around the world are missing out on their right to play and have fun with their friends. Help David Beckham put this right and buy a UNICEF football for his birthday today!