Kim West Gagged By Super Injunction After Affair With Married Premier League Footballer

Guess Who?

THE latest model gagged by a married football star hit out last night at judges who ordered his fling be kept a secret.
The Sun cannot name the cheat after he became the latest celebrity to take out a High Court injunction.
So we have blanked out any words that would identify ****** ******, who plays for ******, in Kim West’s account of their three-month affair. We are also not allowed to print “sexual or salacious details”.
The story illustrates how rich stars with fancy lawyers want to censor the Press.
****** was snapped kissing Kim, 18, on the doorstep of his mansion. His wife ****** ****** was nowhere to be seen. Furious Kim said: “It’s totally wrong that he can hide behind his lawyers just because he is rich.
“****** lied about being married. I thought the law was supposed to punish people who lie.” She met ****** on a night out in ******. He was with team-mate ****** ******. Kim agreed to see ****** again after he texted her.
The first time they went out ****** gave Kim a present of six bottles of wine she said she liked. She slept with him on their third date at the player’s home in ******, near ******.
Kim said: “****** asked me to get a DVD. After the film we kissed and he asked if I wanted to stay. I said yes and we went upstairs.
“He came into bed and one thing led to another. We made love. “** *** *******. ** *** * ********* **** *** ***** *** ** ******* * *****. ******* ** ****** **** ******!
“We met up every few weeks. **** **** ** *** *****. Never for one moment did I think he was married.
“Then * *** ******** ** *** ******* ** *** ********. I felt sick. He’s just like the rest.”
******, who previously played for ****** and ******, rakes in ****** a week.


Yep, another one. Maybe we can assume that this Premier League footballer is not as big a name as the player involved in the Imogen Thomas case as apparently model Kim West stated she did not know the player was married. Any ideas? Inside information or just plain simple guess work, use the comments section below.

Images of Kim West can be seen by CLICKING HERE.

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