Sepp Blatter “Shocked” By Alleged Corruption In FIFA: Really?

Hands up who believes Mr. Blatter?

FIFA president Sepp Blatter distanced himself from his executive committee, saying he did not choose them and could not say whether they were angels or devils.

His remarks came after former English FA chairman David Triesman accused four FIFA executive committee members – Jack Warner, Ricardo Teixeira, Nicolas Leoz and Worawi Makudi – of asking for favours in return for their votes for England’s 2018 World Cup bid.

“I am the president and I have my own conscience, I can only answer for myself, I cannot answer for the members of my committee,” Blatter, who stands for re-election at the FIFA Congress on June 1, said.

“They are not elected by the same Congress that I am elected, they are coming from the others (elsewhere), so I can not say they are all angels or all devils.”

Two members of the 24-man executive committee – Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii – were suspended before December’s World Cup vote for allegedly offering to sell their votes to undercover reporters from the Sunday Times newspaper.

Only the executive committee votes on World Cup hosts.

“There is a new round of information, give us time to digest that and start the investigation by asking for evidence on what has been said,” Blatter added.

“I repeat, we must have the evidence and we will react immediately against all those in breach of the ethics code rules.”

“Zero tolerance is going through FIFA, it is one of the items on the Congress,” Blatter added.

“It is my battle horse, I’m fighting to clear FIFA but only when we have evidence.

“I was shocked when I saw this.”

Qatar was awarded the 2022 finals in the same vote.(Reuters)

Anyone else shocked by these allegations? Seriously from now on if a journalist wants to shock the world when investigating corruption in the world football’s governing body they may need to find evidence of members of FIFA who DIDN’T take bribes!

Surely if it is proven that any nation has paid money for votes, then the whole process has to be repeated with that nation removed from the bidding entries, no?

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