What is Your Worst Footballing Memory?

This is your chance to sit on the couch and tell Dr.CaughtOffside your haunting recollection. The moment when you were brought to tears, or perhaps smashed your fist into the wall in pure anger. Cleanse your soul, release your demons and perhaps become a better person for it.

With ‘Survival Sunday’, yes we know it’s a Sky Sports construct but we actually think it’s a nice bit of alliteration, just around the corner when no doubt a myriad of people will leave the terraces in tears, this seemed like the right time to ask the question. What is your worst footballing memory?

Perhaps it’s a relegation, a crushing defeat, the moment a donkey signed for your club, maybe the moment that most tested your love for your club. Perhaps even the worst moment supporting your club coincided with a personal experience and has therefore become indelibly linked with football?Maybe it defined your time as the supporter of said club, maybe it made you an even more die-hard fan, but at the time it shook the very fabric of your being.

Over to you!

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