Vice President Believes the FA Needs to Build Bridges With FIFA, Surely He’s Got That the Wrong Way Around?

Am I missing something here?

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Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce told BBC Sport that the FA now need to bring in new faces to “build bridges” following the fall-out.

Boyce, the former president of the Irish Football Association, claimed there is a perception within certain Fifa circles that the FA is arrogant and stated that he is happy to help improve relations between the English association and the game’s governing body.

He said: “England in my opinion needs to build bridges both within Uefa and Fifa. I can assure you that I will do all in my power – if asked – to help the English FA.” (BBC Sport)

Something has gone horribly horribly wrong. For some reason the English FA’s perfectly fair and sensible suggestions to delay the FIFA presidential election has blown up in their own face. Once FA chairman David Bernstein had made his plea to have the farce of an election postponed, nation after nation (albeit tiny countries with little or no real power) laid into them for kicking up a fuss over widespread corruption.

FIFA have sunk to a new low this week and the fact that the new Vice President, Jim Boyce, would have the nerve to state that the FA needs to build bridges with football’s world governing body is just plain absurd. When you have an election that becomes a one horse race because the only other contender is suspended by the organization just days before voting, it seems perfectly fair and proper to delay proceedings. However the words ‘fair’ and ‘proper’ clearly have no place in the FIFA lexicon.


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