Talking Points: Are Modern Day Footballers Lazy?

Let’s have a debate.

Yesterday Fabio Capello claimed that England’ sub standard display at home to Switzerland was down in part to his players suffering from fatigue after a long grueling season but is such a claim simply pandering to the modern day footballers’ lack of commitment and yet more evidence that today’s millionaire stars are needy work-shy fops who need to get over themselves?

How could Capello blame the stresses and stains of the season for two very badly defended set pieces? Is the England manager just looking to protect his players by wheeling out a clichéd excuse that really doesn’t hold up to closer scrutiny.

Whilst there is no doubt that football has become a more athletic occupation than 20-30 years ago but at the same time footballers themselves are trained to deal with the demands of a season, no? Surely it’s also worth noting that Premier League footballers play less football on the whole than previous generations and indeed less football than lower league players, so why is there an apparent issue with playing too often?

Are such complaints wheeled out merely dished out to help pass the buck following poor display? After all the Swiss players seemed to cope okay with the game yesterday. Leeds United manager Ken Bates recently blasted defender George McCartney for complaining about ‘tiredness’ despite only playing twice in the space of a month, so is there something inherently wrong with professional footballer’s ability to perform to the best of their abilities for an entire season.

Whilst it would be churlish to state off handedly that footballer’s only train two or three times a week and then play for 90 minutes once or twice during the same period, clearly playing football regularly does take it out of you, but why is this seemingly more of an issue now than in the past?

Have the off field demands on top level players had an impact? Does the constant need to deal with sponsors and advertisers perhaps affect a footballer’s ability to do his on field job?

So what do you think about this talking point? What are your views on the matter? Why not join the debate below?

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