CaughtOffside Talks to YouTube Sensation at Centre of Genital Piercing Sending Off Saga

CaughtOffside chats to internet legend.

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Tell me a little about your team and the league you play in…

I play for Old Hill Wanderers in the Victorian Premier League. The core of the team is ex pats with a few token Aussies and Kiwi’s. We take our football pretty seriously, but like most amateur teams, enjoy a beer also! (Follow @OldHillAFC on Twitter and check out their Facebook page!)

How did the referee find out about the piercing?

I was hit in the groin area pretty hard by the ball, and as most men can imagine, it hurt, this instance hurt especially bad! It was all a bit of a blur to be honest, but reports that I dropped my shorts are wide of the mark! The referee heard something from the by-line, I think it may have been the extra oooooh when they realised it was me! I was subsequently sent from the field.

Were you stunned when he sent you off?

I was completely shocked with the red card, my ‘blunt ding a ling’s as one reporter called it, is covered by 3 layers and is no danger to anyone but myself! I have never had any dramas before! But rules are rules I guess- although I would like them clarified!

Did it change the result of the game?

We we’re 2-0 up and I was sent off after about 25 minutes. We won 3-0 in the end, but I reckon it would have been closer to 10 if I was still on the field!

Have you lodged an appeal?

I did appeal, however it has since been confirmed that I received two separate yellows for the events, so I can’t have the red rescinded.

How has it gone down at work? Are you the subject of gossip?

I am a food scientist, and have just started a new role, so I have been trying to keep a low profile! A little embarrassing as you can imagine! They’ll never look at me in the same way again!

What’s it like being a YouTube sensation?

I didn’t even know it was on YouTube! A friend posted it initially on twitter and it just went mad from there! I am quite possibly the most famous footballer in the world today! Shame it’s not for my football ability! I am famous for my penis, oh how my mother will be proud! Crazy times! The internet is a powerful tool!

What made you get it done in the first place?

I was in the Royal Navy and whilst watching a game 9 years ago, made a silly bet on the outcome! The two of us who lost the bet went straight to the tattoo parlour to get it done (in Key West Florida!), me and my friend Karl, tossed for it no pun intended, and after watching him go through with it and seeing the pain, I bottled it.

For the next 9 years I was given grief until my leaving do before I emigrated to Australia. After a few beers the bet was called in and I finally got it done! Moral of the story: don’t make silly bets!

How does a Mansfield Town fan end up in Australia?

I am a passionate Mansfield Town fan, but the opportunity came to move here full time and I had no hesitation in doing so! I made the conscious decision to move in time for the ashes!

So there you go, don’t make drunken bets, keep quiet about intimate piercings and obey the referee. Or, sod the lot and become a YouTube star!

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In case you are unaware of the incident, the video below will help fill you in.

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