Greece Hit By Massive Football Match Fixing Scandal

And we thought things in the Mediterranean country couldn’t get any worse.

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Nearly 70 people have been named in Greece in connection with an alleged football match-fixing scandal.

They include two Super League club presidents, club owners, players, referees and a chief of police.

They are charged with a variety of offences including illegal gambling, fraud, extortion and money laundering.

The deputy culture minister, Giorgos Nikitiadis, described the alleged scandal as “the darkest page in the history of Greek football”.

He promised the investigation to clean up the sport would go “as deep and as high as necessary”.

Ten suspects were arrested and detained earlier in the week.

The investigation began after European football’s governing body Uefa published a list of 41 match results from 2009-10 which they believe to be suspicious.

Among the 68 suspects named by judicial authorities on Friday were Vangelis Marinakis, Greece’s top football league official and chairman of champion club Olympiakos Piraeus, and Avraam Papadopoulos, national team and Olympiakos defender.

Late on Friday, a court order banned all 68 from leaving the country.


Greece of course has it’s fair share of problems at present, not least that the bankrupt country is having to decide it’s future within the European Union, and the last thing they would have needed is a shed load of allegations that there football league that is ridden with corruption.

Apparently the evidence being put forward for this investigation is incredibly damning and is sure to come to the interest of UEFA and FIFA as well as the Greek FA. The fact that as many as 68 people have been named as suspects, illustrates the breadth of the allegations.

This news comes hot on the heels of a myriad of similar charges being investigated in Finland, Italy and South Korea among others. FIFA are also taking a close look at the suspicious events that took place during Nigeria’s 4-1 win over Argentina in a friendly last month.

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