Proof, If Needed, That Kelvin Mackenzie Is An Absolute Scumbag (Video)

Watch how the former S*n editor deals with a perfectly legitimate question from Labour MP Chris Bryant. Watch as the irritant turns into a ravenous mess and starts spouting saliva in a venomous attack that is seemingly fueled by the fact that he knows he hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

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Former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie admitted he should have handled the Hillsborough story differently after he was accused of lying by Labour MP Chris Bryant.

Andrew Neil had to hush the pair in the heated debate over the Sun’s coverage of the tragedy where 96 football fans died.

Asked about any regrets over covering the story, the former editor said: “If i could revisit Hillsborough, certainly, I would do it in a different way. I would do it in the way the other newspapers did it. They basically ran the story and said “big fury over…” and I wish I had done that, yes.”


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