Arsenal Striker Nicklas Bendtner Drunkenly Begs for Pizza (Video)

The awkward moment when you realise you’re not as famous as you think you are. The Arsenal striker, out on loan to Sunderland, reportedly drunkenly walked into a Copenhagen Pizzeria in search of Pizza, we’ve all done it so don’t judge, however when he realises he has no money and then proclaims he can buy the whole pizzeria, you kind of begin to lose sympathy for the Danish giant. In the end someone does help the striker to pay for his pizza, but we don’t know why! Spotted on Dirty Tackle.

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He was f***ing arrogant and came up as if he owned the place. Everyone just stood and looked at each other and shook their heads over the way he behaved,” says a 22-year-old carpenter who ran into Bendtner in front of the pizzeria after a night out. […]
“He played really stupid. When he could not pay, he demanded to get free pizza and said: ‘Do you not know who I am? I can buy the whole pizzeria,'” says one of the staff at Pizza House. […]
“We told him that it did not matter who he was. If he could not pay, there was no pizza,” says the pizza man who does not want his name revealed.
After some time, where Bendtner begged and begged the many pizzeria guests to fund his food, a couple of young girls at last took pity on the famous football player and paid about 120 kroner, which the pizza cost. (Ekstra Bladent)

The video of this incident can be seen by CLICKING HERE, and even if you don’t speak Danish you will still laugh.

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