Man City Boss Expresses Concerns Over ‘Spending Limitations’: Is That a Joke?

In the words of Alanis Morrisette, ‘Isn’t it ironic’.

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Roberto Mancini, the Manchester City manager, has expressed concern at the spending limitations being placed on him this month and declared that his club need to buy again now if they are to drive home their ascendancy over Manchester United.

As City prepare for an FA Cup third-round tie with United on Sunday which could do irrevocable damage to opponents already stung by October’s 6-1 Premier League defeat, Mancini said he had been told he could not buy this winter. Behind the scenes, the manager is understood to have virtually resigned himself to Uefa’s new Financial Fair Play (FFP) regime ruining any hopes of adding immediately to his squad.

SOURCE: Independent

For a football manager who has spent sums akin to the GDP of some small countries on new players it seems a tad absurd for Roberto Mancini to a) express concerns about spending limitations given that the Italian has assembled two teams worth of international talent and b) is clearly seeing the fruits of this spending coming to the fore.

Why does the Etihad Stadium boss NEED to keep spending? At what point does a manager say ‘You know what, I think that this huge squad I have may just be enough to help us challenge for major honours’.

It’s worth noting that Man City have a first team squad of 29 plus another 17 professionals who are out on loan. What more does Mancini want?

Also the idea that UEFA’s FFP regime will impinge on Man City’s crazy spending is kind of like me saying ‘The water you are pouring on me is making me wet’. That’s the point. UEFA are trying to rein in spending dummy!

Mancini complains about how injuries have ‘decimated’ parts of his squad whilst clearly having a mountain of back-up options and youth team players on hand to help out. Man City have spent in order to assemble a squad that gives them immense strength in depth, so why the need to keep spending?

For the record Man City have spent nearly £400m on new signings in the past three years.

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