Has Luis Suarez Shamed Liverpool Football Club?

Has the Uruguayan international done more harm than good since his move to Anfield a year ago?

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It seems that many see the Luis Suarez ‘non-handshake’ debate as having two sides. There are those who feel that the Uruguayan, having been handed an eight match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra, needed to help put the whole disgusting episode to bed and that shaking hands with the Old Trafford full-back would have gone a long way to doing just that.

However there are some who argue that the Liverpool man believes he was wrongly accused of wrongdoing by the French international so therefore why should he be happy to shake him by the hand.

Perhaps more importantly than both these arguments is the standing of Liverpool in general. If you are a supporter of the venerable Merseyside club then you can not deny the saddening affect this whole debacle has had on the club as a whole.

By refusing to shake Evra by the hand, whether he wanted to or not, the 25 year old former Ajax man further damaged the great football institution that is Liverpool Football Club.

Kenny Dalglish has attempted to stand by his players as any good manager should, but his churlish reaction to a series of strong, but relevant, questions by Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves, comes as a result of the Liverpool boss seemingly being unaware of Luis Suarez’s actions, actions that the Scot will certainly have been angered by.

Luis Suarez is a great footballer, a proven finisher with the ability to make something out of nothing and lead the attack with guts and guile. However the Uruguayan has ‘form’ when it comes to unsavoury incidents, whether it’s the seven match ban he received for biting an opponent during his Eredivisie spell or his propensity for diving, which admittedly he has toned down since his move to England.

By opting to keep the bad blood simmering by refusing to shake Evra by the hand he in many ways helped to gee up Man United and did his own side no favours. He decided to opt to act for his own individual ends rather than acting as part of a team, a team that doesn’t need to continually deal with the fall out from the incident that took place last October.

Whether Luis Suarez is innocent of the charges laid at his door, and the weight of evidence led the FA to believe he was guilty, it’s the actions of the Liverpool striker prior to kick-off yesterday lunchtime that may lead some to believe that the forward has shamed Liverpool Football Club and there is no doubt that behind closed doors Kenny Dalglish will have had strong words with the player to make it clear that he represents the Anfield side and should do so with more dignity.

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