Goal Alerts: The Best Way to Enjoy the Climax to Group B Clashes Holland Vs Portugal & Denmark Vs Germany

Two games on at the same time, how to cope. A guide.

So there you are, sat down in a pub, or at home, or perhaps an important social event that someone idiotically arranged knowing that the Euro 2012 was in full swing. Two games on at the same time, how to cope.

1) Relax, there is always a solution.

2) Download either of our apps that will help to resolve this very pressing problem. CLICK HERE to download the free CaughtOffside app for iPhone and iPod Touch or CLICK HERE to download the CaughtOffside for iPad app.

3) Simply ‘Check-In’ to any game you wish to receive Goal Alerts for and you are good to go.

4) Look smugly at others as you are sent a notification to your device the second any goals are scored

Simple. Problem solved and it didn’t cost a penny and took just seconds to achieve.

The CaughtOffside app is jam-packed full of fantastic features, hence it going to Number One in the iTunes charts.