UEFA Show Rampant Anti-England Bias With Pointless Complaint About England Fans Behaviour During Sweden Clash

What a joke.

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Euro 2012: FA to challenge Uefa’s disciplinary proceedings

The Football Association will challenge Uefa over the disciplinary proceedings relating to England fans’ behaviour during the win against Sweden.

The investigation surrounds an attempted invasion of the pitch, according to a statement on the European governing body’s website.

Uefa’s Control and Disciplinary Body will discuss the matter on 20 June.
It is understood the FA will submit written evidence to Uefa ahead of the hearing on Wednesday.

The FA will cite the report from the Uefa match delegate, which described the behaviour of England fans as satisfactory.
Although they may accept there was some encroachment by fans following the second and third goals during England’s 3-2 victory against Sweden in Kiev, they will argue it was exuberance.

They will also be critical of the stewarding at the match and the lack of seat management.


This is all a bit rich isn’t it. Given that thus far we have seen racist abuse dished out on a regular basis in stadiums across Poland and Ukraine, witnessed flares thrown onto pitches and seen hooligans of various nations beating each other up with alarming regularity and the best that UEFA can do is to continue their anti-English bias with a spurious complaint about some England fans who ‘over-celebrated’ and almost encroached the field of play.

Russia were handed a suspended penalty for their fans behaviour against the Czech Republic, this relates to incidents within the ground and not the riot that proceeded it. Croatia was given a fine for a similar incident during their clash with Ireland.

As yet no punishment has been handed to those who have racially abused players or indeed thrown bananas onto the field of play so one has to wonder how seriously UEFA deals with such complaints.

One wonders what sort of punishment UEFA will look to hand England for their fans ‘attempted invasion’ but expect it to bare no regard to common sense.

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