(Video) Andrei Arshavin ‘Insults’ Entire Russian Nation With Honest Assessment Of Euro 2012 Display

Arsenal winger enrages millions in recorded post match discussion with fans and reporters.

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Following Russia’s surprise defeat to Greece, which saw them knocked out of Euro 2012 when they appeared set to finish top of Group A, a number of supporters and reporters attempted approach the squad at their hotel. The following exchange occurred between Arsenal attacker Andrei Arshavin and said reporters/fans and to say the least his comments, though seemingly fairly concise and honest, have enraged many millions of Russia fans.

Thanks to @arturpetrosyan for the translation below

Reporter/Fan: Our fans came up to you and the team after the game but all they got from you was “you’re all bastards”. And there were 100 millions of “bastards” supporting you. Do you understand it? If you just said “Sorry, guys” there would’ve been no problem. No questions to any of you. Cause everything can happen. But instead every player who was approached by fans said only “get out, bastard”. None of the lads said “Sorry, we couldn’t do it”.

Arshavin – Well, if the fans were in normal condition maybe we would have said that.
Reporter/Fan – Well, my friend who doesn’t drink at all said that but in reply heard only insults from the players. I Don’t even want repeat what he heard. But NONE of the players simply said ‘sorry’.
Arshavin – Why should we say ‘sorry’?
Reporter/Fan – Well, you failed, didn’t you?
Arshavin – Why?
Reporter/Fan – You failed.
Arshavin – Why?
Reporter/Fan – Look, I’m not an expert, but you failed.
Arshavin – Just answer my question: Why should we say sorry?
Reporter/Fan – You didn’t meet expectations.
Arshavin – Whose expecations? Yours or ours?
Reporter/Fan – Of 100 million Russians
Arshavin – Well, if we didn’t meet your expecations it’s your problem. And we were all trying…
Reporter/Fan – You really mean it? That if you didn’t meet our expecations it’s OUR problem?
Arshavin – Yeah.
Reporter/Fan – Well, I don’t have anything else to say. I’m shocked. I’m just shocked.
Another Fan – We’re supporting you, we’re going everywhere with you,
First fan/Reporter – There was full stadium of us coming here to support you and it’s all OUR problem?

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