Guess Who? Mario Balotelli Demands Paternity Test

This news gives us the chance to post an article with this genius image, neatly dovetailing Mario’s predicament with a fun 80s board game!

Balotelli has now issued a press release in which he claims that he has no intention of shirking his responsibilities, but is seeking a DNA test to prove that he is indeed the father.

“Although I would have preferred not to speak about my private life in public, I feel obliged to clarify, once and for all, my relationship with Raffaella Fico,” the 21-year-old explained.

“Our relationship ended at the start of April and since then we have not met, nor heard from one another.

“I have not had anything to do with her life and Raffaella has not had anything to do with my life.

“Raffaella knows well that since we parted company with one another that I had, and have, no intention of returning to her.

“But because of what there was between us, I never wanted to talk about it, even when there were untrue things being said and written about us.

“A few days ago I came to learn from others that Raffaella was pregnant. For this reason, I decided to contact her and only after my question was it confirmed to me that it was true.

“I am very disappointed. I do not think it’s normal not to know anything until the fourth month [of the pregnancy].

“I do not understand why she did not contact me immediately to tell me something of such importance.

“I’ll assume all my responsibilities when I have the proof of my paternity.”


Just when you thought that Mario Balotelli’s life couldn’t get any more ‘soap-opera’ like, it then does.

Image via the wonderful Kickette

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