Join the CaughtOffside 2012/13 Free Fantasy Football League Now

Let the fun begin!

The season is approaching!

Want to win prizes galore? Want the glory of winning? Want to make your competitors weep? Then step right this way.

Follow these easy step by step instructions to join the CaughtOffside Fantasy Football League

1) Go to the Official Premier League Fantasy Football League site CLICK HERE to do so

2) If you haven’t already got an account then simply click ‘Sign Up’, it takes seconds to get an account up and running

3) Select your team, remember you can make unlimited changes until the season kicks-off so don’t worry too much about selecting your final team right now, just get a team up and running.

4) Then click the ‘League’ link near the top of the page

5) Click ‘Join a League’ link and then choose ‘Private League’ and click ‘Next’

6) This is the important part, now you will asked to enter the code of the league you wish to join, the code for our league is 51775-17533

Simple as that.

Here is our current side, which we got on auto-complete, pretty good isn’t it. We will of course be making many changes and we will win this thing!