Robin Van Persie Makes Very Stupid and Very Inaccurate Statement Following Move from Arsenal to Man United

Former Emirates Stadium skipper may well be indulging in a bit of wishful thinking.

Van Persie said there were “no hard feelings” against his former club

“It’s just uncertain elements that we had a different view on. That’s life. No-one is angry at me and I’m not angry at them,” he said.

“It is always difficult to find the perfect match but I feel this is the perfect match.

“Manchester United breathes football. If you look at all the players from Manchester United, the stadium, the manager – my choice was made very soon in my mind.”


Is Robin Van Persie trying to pull off an Obi-Wan Kenobi style trick here? ‘These aren’t the droids you’re looking for’

By stating that ‘no-one is angry with me’ is the Dutch international of the belief he can convince all those who are indeed angry with him that they are mistaken? There are a fair few Arsenal fans who have taken their anger to new heights by setting fire to the shirts they had mistakenly added his name to.

Van Persie may be a tad confused but where I come from if you leave one side for a rival you are almost certain to make a fair few thousand people very angry indeed and no amount of denial will correct that fact.

Perhaps when the 29 year old returns to the Emirates Stadium and is exposed to what will probably be a cauldron of hate he will realise that the comments he made in his first Man United press conference may have been a little wide of the mark.

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