UEFA Plan Euro 2020 Finals Played Across Europe In 12 Major Cities

UEFA in decent idea shocker.

UEFA president Michel Platini has stated that his idea of playing the Euro 2020 finals in 12 European cities across the continent would be a one-off for that tournament only.

Platini said UEFA were waiting from feedback from the 53 European member associations before making a decision – in the past the European Championships have been in just one or two countries.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

As UEFA ideas this isn’t a bad one, but one does wonder if this might not end up being a logistical nightmare. Presumably there is a chance that one side taking part in the latter stages of the competition may end up having to travel a good distance further than their rival and of course there is the very real chance that one side could somehow look to orchestrate their results in such a manner to gain home advantage, but perhaps we are just quibbling.

One would imagine that the cities in question would all be located in central Europe, or near enough, as opposed to some destinations being as far a field as Kiev or Istanbul, but all in all the idea would presumably receive backing from all federations involved and would perhaps be a blueprint for future finals tournaments though UEFA president Michel Platini has been at pains to point out that this would be a one off scenario.

Now if only someone could persuade Mr. Platini to give up on his insane and immoral plans to move the 2022 Qatar World Cup to the winter, a large sum of cash should help the Frenchman to change his mind on that topic.

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