Financially Crippled Panathinaikos Advised to Play During the Day to Save On Floodlight Costs

A very real Greek tragedy.

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ATHENS — Athens Olympic Stadium on Wednesday threatened to turn the lights out on Greek Super League club Panathinaikos due to unpaid bills.

Stadium president Petros Galaktopoulos has sent letters to the club, the Super League, the Greek football federation and cable television channel Nova requesting that Panathinaikos stop playing night matches in order to save on the team’s mounting unpaid electricity bills.

“Due to financial difficulties, Panathinaikos has not met the minimum financial obligations towards the stadium.

“For this reason, please consider the matches of the club to take place in the midday hours so that Panathinaikos not be charged for extra electricity, thus simultaneously increasing the amount of the arrears to the stadium,” Galaktopoulos’ letter stated.

The club has announced that it will be moving back to its old stadium in downtown Athens in January in order to stop the high rental cost of the Athens Olympic Stadium.


This could be the start of a slippery slope. The idea of moving games to the day-time to avoid the cost of floodlighting is of course sound financial sense, but where will it end?

How about the players share a communal shirt rather than hideous cost of having to wash all those individual kits after match-day. Perhaps the club should cut back on lawn mower activities and allow the turf to grow until you can no longer see your team-mates due to the excessive foliage.

Why not only sign players with four or less letters in their surname so as to avoid the extra cost of ironing on excessively large names onto the back of shirts. This could be all the more relevant given the lengthy names in Greece.

In all seriousness things are looking mighty bleak for the Athens based club and not only

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