Joey Barton Labels Neymar ‘Overrated’, Neymar Doesn’t Know Who Joey Barton Is

Brilliant, just brilliant.

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Joey Barton didn’t feel that Neymar was all that impressive last night, which is perhaps a fair assessment. This led Barton to take to his Twitter account to voice his assessment of the young Brazilian.

Barton Neymar 1

Barton Neymar 2

When asked to comment on Barton’s attack, Neymar said after the match: “I don’t even know who he is. But those who have mouths say what they want.”

Sensible response, though clearly in today’s media friendly age it’s worth noting that Joey, thankfully, didn’t even need to use his mouth in order to make his voice heard.

Mr. Barton has since taken to Twitter to criticize Neymar for his reaction to his appraisal of his talents, though to be fair the Brazilian attacker seems to have responded fairly sedately.

After all it seems entirely believable that Neymar wouldn’t know who Joey Barton is.