Goal-line Technology Set To Arrive In The Premier League

Premier League chiefs announce technology to be trialled next season.

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The Premier League is set to put an end to years of resistance as it seeks to introduce goal-line technology during the next season, according to BBC Sport.

The technology was given a trial during the FIFA Club World Cup last year and has been deemed enough of a success by the bosses of English football that they are ready to trial it in the top flight.

‘We’re working on the basis of having goal-line technology in place for the start of the season’ said the spokesman for the Premier League, Dan Johnson.

‘All clubs will have to have the system, including those promoted.’

It has been suggested that a deal over who will supply the technology is yet to be completed, but Hawk-Eye and GoalRef are considered to be the front-runners. Premier League supremoes have said that the contract will be decided on two main factors; low cost and easiness of use.

Johnson insisted that the technology would be cheap enough for the promoted clubs to implement at limited additional cost.

The news follows in the footsteps of FIFA’s announcement that intends to use the technology for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Goal-line technology has proved a controversial issue amongst fans with some keen to see referees receive additional help while others believe the uncertainty is part of the beauty of the game.

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