FIFA President Sepp Blatter Admits Qatar Could Lose 2022 World Cup If they Ask for Winter Switch

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Blatter admits that any request to move competition to the winter could result in a fresh bidding process.

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FIFA president has revealed that 2022 World Cup hosts Qatar could stand to lose the right to stage the competition if they make an official proposal to switch the competition from summer to winter.

There has been growing speculation that such a switch could take place, despite a great deal of opposition from European league systems who are against the idea.

Blatter has attempted to broach such concerns by stating that any move to make such a chance could result in a legal challenge from the other nations that competed for the 2022 World Cup hosting bid, those being the United States, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Sepp Blatter added “For there to be a change to winter it is necessary that Qatar ask for it. They have not done so yet.”

“And they know if they do they risk another of the 2022 candidates bringing a challenge before FIFA and the vote would have to be repeated.”

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