UEFA Provides Racism Recommendations To Referees

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UEFA gives full support to stopping matches after racist incidents.

UEFA has informed referees of their recommendation that they end games where there are significant incidents of racism according to BBC Sport.

The European football governing body has promised to provide its full support to referees who chose to follow their advice.

The reminded referees that they have been authorised for four years to bring games to a halt should there be a case of significant racism.

UEFA also urged players and coaches to speak out, even if they could end up criticising their own fans.

In 2009 UEFA offered their advice on how referees should deal with incidents of racism in matches.

It recommended that first the ref should stop the match and an announcement be made over the public address system.

The next step would be to pause the match for a certain amount of time before abandoning the game should the incident continue.

No match has ever been abandoned to date, despite their being games where racist chanting has gone on throughout.

AC Milan’s Kevin Prince-Boateng walked off the pitch after suffering racist abuse from Pro Patria fans during a friendly in January while Tottenham’s players were recently subjected to prolonged racism from the Inter Milan fans during their clash in the Europa League knock-out stages.