Lecce Winger Ousmane Drame Steals Purse from Prostitute, Flees On Bicycle, Injures Transsexual In Ensuing Fight, Charged By Police

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Footballer attempts to pay for sex with iPhone instead of money, then has second thoughts. Be honest guys, we’ve all done it….

Lecce winger Ousmane Drame has been charged by Italian police after he allegedly stole a purse from a Nigerian prostitute after the 20 year old French footballer apparently back-tracked on a ‘deal’ to pay for sexual favours with his iPhone 5.

Drame reportedly stole the prostitute’s purse and fled on a bicycle but was caught up by the ‘street-worker’s’ transsexual friend who was then injured in a fight with the Paris born player.

Eventful evening.

Lecce were relegated to the Italian third tier after their involvement in a betting scandal and are set to drop Drame from their side and may elect to sue the former Guingamp player for ‘damage to it’s reputation’.

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