Top Ten Richest Premier League Players: Sunday Time Rich-List

Money, money, money….

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So here they are, the richest footballers in the Premier League according to the venerable Sunday Times Rich List.

It is perhaps surprising to see no Man City players on this list but this may well be due to that fact that the individuals on this list have spent a decent chunk of time plying their trade in the Premier League and as such have had more time to expand their wealth.

Peter Cech Chelsea

10. Petr Cech (Chelsea) £20m

Cole QPR

9. Joe Cole (West Ham United) £21m

Terry Laugh

8. John Terry (Chelsea) £24m

Torres Kazan

7. Fernando Torres (Chelsea) £26m

Steven Gerrard

6. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) £33m

Lampard Exit

=4. Frank Lampard (Chelsea) £34m

Giggs Goal

=4. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) £34m

Owen Thumbs

3. Michael Owen (Stoke City) £38m

Rio Ferdinand West Ham

2. Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) £42m

Rooney Exit

1. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) £51m