Online Casino Sponsorships in Sports

With so much TV cameras trained on football pitches all over the world, it’s little wonder that the teams’ shirt sponsorship deals are growing ever more lucrative.

When Manchester United broke Barcelona’s world record deal last summer by tying up with the luxury car brand Chevrolet, few were left wondering how huge an impact the name emblazoned on a team’s shirt could have on its footballing success; a sentiment impressed even further in our minds as United look set to capture a record 20th league title a full year before the new deal even begins.

What’s most interesting about the deal, just as with United’s current sponsor, insurers Aon, is that the Chevrolet brand isn’t one that’s particularly celebrated in their native United Kingdom. The fact is that United’s presence extends far beyond these shores and into the markets where the Chevrolet name can really pick up some traction; the Asian luxury market and in the United States where Chevrolet’s parent company General Motors is based. With this in mind, and the rest of the Premier League enjoying such popularity throughout the rest of the world, it’s no wonder that other companies seek to slap their logos on our own top-flight teams to boost foreign interest.

Sportsbook companies like Bet365, for example, enjoy great success in the Asian market. When their partner team Stoke City plays live on TV, the brand would doubtless receive some attention in the form of internet traffic and bets being placed. The same would go for bwin, whose deal with Real Madrid is equally valuable during La Liga games screened in the Far East.

The recent demise of the Sportingbet brand put paid to their footballing TV exposure as shirt sponsors of Wolves – although the Championship side wouldn’t have benefitted from that much coverage themselves – while other deals with West Ham, Swansea and Wigan have also ended.

With the recent decline of sportsbook betting in the English game, the door remains open for other similar pursuits such as online casino sites to stake their claim. For a good resource on the online casino and sports book scene see The opportunities for companies like JackpotCity (who have recently been heavily linked to some major sport teams) to tie up with a major footballing force would be extremely lucrative due to the ever-increasing revenue of the Premier League. Given the crossover offering of betting and gaming by so many of the world’s top sites, it wouldn’t be a surprise to one day soon see the name of a major online casino company adorning the jersey of one of the top English sides.