Win a Signed Everton Shirt with StubHub

Signed shirt up for grabs with StubHub – the official ticketing partner of Everton FC

As a lifelong Everton fan what could be better than a visit from Blues legend, Ian Snodin? In this video below, produced with StubHub, the official ticket marketplace of Everton, Ian arrives at Grandma Olive’s house to thank her for a lifetime’s support. It’s match day and Ian is on his way to Goodison Park, but Olive persuades him to lend her a helping hand around the house. Can he make it to the game in time?

An assortment of tasks await Snodin are comically preventing the former Everton midfielder from getting to the game, including (presumably for pun purposes) having to deal with his Grandmother being ‘snowed in’. The acting may be questionable but that’s not hugely important.

Eagle-eyed fans should watch the video carefully for their chance to win a signed Toffees shirt. Tweet and follow @stubhubuk and @everton using #helpinghand and tell us where the shirt is for the chance to win it!

Please note: competition closes on Monday, May 20th.

There are many reasons you might miss the occasional match, but with StubHub season ticket holders can now sell their seat to other Blues fans. Available on any Barclays Premier League home match, it means that even when you can’t make the game there will still be a twelfth man to cheer on a victory at Goodison Park.

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