Jose Mourinho Warns Chelsea Players: It’s My Way Or The Highway

Returning boss with warning to club stars.

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Returning Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has warned Chelsea’s stars that they had better fall in line with his rules quickly or risk being shipped out of the club, the Daily Mail reports.

The west London club have had seven different manager pass through their doors since Mourinho left the club in 2007 and have seen their image damaged by the reputations and antics of several players and ‘the special one’ has come back to the club to insist on the players falling in line with his philosophy and reunite.

‘There is something I say at every club I go to, and I’m going to say it again when I meet the players on July 10,” he said

“It’s a sentence that I always say on the first day: ‘If you are a top professional, if you are not a selfish person, if you put the club in front of yourself, and if you are here to work 100 per cent for me, for your fellow players and for the club, we will have a wonderful relationship. If you are selfish, if you don’t care about the fans, then we are in big trouble.

“Sometimes you have a couple of guys that are not too keen to accept these kind of rules and this is where you have some problematic relationships, and the club in that moment either supports the problematic player or the manager. If the clubs support the manager, the two little guys — gone, easy.”

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