Are Football Fans the Most Loyal of All?

Football isn’t about life and death…it’s more important than that!

We all know one, the fan who even if he is half dying with flu and his team is bottom of the league, will travel miles across the country to stand on a damp, rain-lashed terrace and watch a grim 3-0 midweek away defeat. If you delve a little deeper, you can find an underground breed of crazily dedicated football fans who will always go that bit further to illustrate complete loyalty.

You may have heard of Robert Nesbitt, an avid Newcastle Supporter, who had a large elaborate tattoo of Andy Cole immortalised on his thigh only to be confronted with his departure 2 days later to Manchester United.

Perhaps there are few more dedicated supporters than Birmingham City fan Rob Shannon, who has not missed a single game, home or away, since 1974.

That equates to an impressive 1,800 matches in a row and has taken him to places such as Slovenia, Belgium and Portugal, which he enjoyed when the Blues qualified for the Europa League in 2011. He started going to games with his parents when he was just 4 years old and has never looked backed! He´s even been known to discharge himself from hospital so he wouldn´t miss a game.

The popularity of betting exchanges has created even more fatuous fans, who believe they can make a small fortune by placing huge wagers at short-priced odds. Take the case of the Tottenham supporter who fell foul of his team’s miserable recent home record against Manchester United. In an act of dedication and quite possibly stupitiy he staked his whole mortgage on his team to win against them. Needles to say…..they lost.

Football fans may well be the most loyal, the most dedicated, the most gullable but how far should you go to prove your loyalty. Would you bet your own hard earned cash on them. Doing the football pools has along tradition since the 20`s but maybe you would be safer trying your luck at a game of poker, titan online poker site allows you to do this without leaving the comfort of your own home. It might just well be the safer bet!