Old Trafford Cricket Tickets available for Ashes Test

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With the all-important Third Test of the 2013 Ashes Series just over a week away, we can confirm tickets are still available for all five days of cricket at Old Trafford.

The Third Ashes Test Match begins next Thursday (August 1st), where England will look to take the third win in a row and claim the Ashes Trophy.

Lancashire County Cricket Club will host the 3rd Test and the Australians will need to pick up their first victory of the series if they are to have any chance of winning the 2013 Ashes.

The Ashes: Third Test 2013 at Old Trafford Cricket Ground:

Day 1: August 1st (play to start at 11am GMT)
Day 2: August 2nd (play to start at 11am GMT)
Day 3: August 3rd (play to start at 11am GMT)
Day 4: August 4th (play to start at 11am GMT)
Day 5: August 5th (play to start at 11am GMT)

Ashes tickets have been in high demand following England’s two wins at Trent Bridge and Lord’s and cricket fans around the country are doing whatever they can to get hold of tickets for the test match which could see England win the series.

Tickets are also available for the fourth and fifth tests at Chester-le-Street in Durham and the The Oval in London. It is expected that demand for tickets will double if Australia manage to secure a win at Old Trafford next week.

Check the latest ticket prices for the Third Test at Old Trafford at Telegraph Tickets: http://tickets.telegraph.co.uk/lancashire-county-cricket-club-manchester-tickets/venue/