Official Petition Launched by Fans to Change US Soccer Crest

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Petition launched through asks US Soccer to keep the ‘Centennial Crest’ for good.

New Jersey based fan of US soccer Tim Hall has created a petition on the world’s largest website its kind,, demanding US Soccer keep the Centennial crest as that of the USMNT from now on.

The new crest was introduced at the start of the year to celebrate 100 years of US soccer. As seen on the shirts worn by the players during recent World Cup Qualifiers, the logo is much simpler and bolder than US Soccer’s current crest, and strongly reminiscent of the American flag.

“The current ‘standard’ US Soccer crest as it is started to round into shape in the early 1990’s, and it shows.” argues Hall, “Now, it is time for a timeless crest for our nation to rally around, and to represent our players throughout the future. Keep the Centennial crest right where it is so that Americans for generations to come know their history and represent the future.

“It is a sight that makes a great deal of sense, not just to fans of US Soccer, but to all Americans: 13 white stars – representing the thirteen original colonies – on a blue field, and 13 red and white stripes representing the same. It is evocative of and pays homage to the flag of the United States of America, waved and worn proudly by fans of the US National Soccer teams at all levels.”

At the time of posting this article, the petition has 1,873 signatures. Despite that number being just over 600 short of its target, President of the US Soccer Federation Sunil Gulati has already acknowledged it.

In an update to the petition’s page, Hall informs us that Gulati told him, “Thanks–we are reviewing the crest and will make a decision later this year.”

Those interested in signing the petition can find the link to the page here.

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