Annuar Musa: Privatisation is a Good Thing

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FA Advisor speaks out

Kelantan FA advisor Tan Sri Annuar Musa believes outsourcing the running of the local Malaysian leagues to someone other than the Malaysian FA, will enable the country’s standard of football to keep on rising.

As well as enable Malaysian teams to enter the Asian Champions League.

The changes will happen in 2015, Speaking to Goal Malaysia Annuar feels this is a job that should of been done long ago: ” Privatization was supposed to be done long before this because the AFC rules clearly states that a professional league should have be handled by parties other than the FA. If we don’t follow it, we will not be upgraded to the high level.

The Member of Parliament also believes the way the TV money is handed out must be changed in order to enable a sustained growth of grass roots football in the country.

“The teams here compete in the league simply to play, but they don’t have rights for the tournaments. FAM, have the rights, but we sell them to third parties such as TV stations.

“That means, the teams receive nothing even if the match got is broadcast live. This is unfair for them because eventually, there will be more who would suffer from financial problem.”



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