Trevor Morgan challenges IMG-R Scepticism

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Englishmen urges  nay-sayers to wait and see 

The newly appointed IMG-R Coach has hit out at the critics of the proposed IMG-R league.

Morgan who was appointed to coach the Mumbai training camp, believes the fears of those who are opposed to the league are unfounded.

According to Goal India, speaking to the Hindustan times he  said:  “Nobody is going to know if this could affect the I-League until it actually happens. It could be the best thing that could happen to the I-League, it may not, who knows. But it is a great concept. Only time will tell if it is going to be successful

Speaking to the the Times of India as reported by Goal India, Morgan continued: “You can’t run a programme down even before the season has started. The plans that IMG have are fantastic, the people (players) they want to try to bring in and to spread the game right across India. To get a chance to see players we only saw on television would be a great opportunity for all football fans across India”

The tournament will follow a similar tack to the IPL,  there will be eight franchised teams, set across India, the as yet unamed tournament will run between January and March 2014, thereafter beginning either before or after the I-League season ,ensuring the national league will remain a top priority for both players and fans.


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