Alex Weaver Fasts with his Players

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Warriors Coach follows the example of his squad

In a bid to sample what his side were going through during the month of Ramadan, Coach Alex Weaver spent a day without food and water to see how his team coped throughout the fasting period.

The Englishmen was amazed at how tough training without food or water was, and praised his players for their mental toughness.

Speaking to Goal SingaporeF he said : ““I thought it would be good for me to do it and show respect to the players that were fasting, and I was [also] intrigued as to what it was all about.

The idea was suggested to him by defender Abdil Qayyim, Weaver agreed and embarked on the challenge, without realisng just how tough it would be.

“I got up at five in the morning,I was sitting there in my dark living room knowing most of my players were [already] up and having their meals with their families, and that they would be having training in a few hours.

“That was me and I thought it was tough, but bear in mind these guys are doing sessions and games and it is unbelievable.

“I know that they have done it as they grew up and are used to it, but massive respect to them!

“It was very good for me to experience [fasting] and it was much harder than what I thought it would be.”


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