Jimmy Fallon Roasts the MLS All-Stars on his Late Night Show

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If ever there were a sign that MLS is growing, it’s that it’s now had its own special slot on the late-night funnies.

Love him or hate him, Jimmy Fallon is currently one of the biggest names in US entertainment.

Set to take over from the legendary Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’ after the 2014 Winter Olympics, Fallon hosts his own late-night comedy show which regularly attracts more than one million viewers every weeknight.

The last thing most MLS fans could expect when watching Fallon’s show on Tuesday night would be a skit dedicated to the MLS All-Stars.

It may have been brief, and it may have been purely cosmetic, but for one minute and 50 seconds Major League Soccer was the centre of attention for over one million American primetime viewers.

Enjoy Fallon’s routine here:

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