Youth is Critical says Dempo Chairman

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Owner plans to build a ‘peoples club’

Dempo owner and AIFF Vice President Shrinivas Dempo, plans to focus on The Whites Youth Development and also fan mobilisation.

One of Dempo’s main aims is to build an academy in Goa, allowing young players of all ages to hone their skills.

Providing three Youth teams between U10 and U21 level is also one of the Criteria for passing the National Licensing test, which all 24 clubs recently failed, so the sudden focus on youth is unsurprising.

In a statement Dempo reiterated the importance of youth for the football of India ( Source:

He said “”I have always believed that the strength of the team has remained in the spirit and unity with which they have approached Football.

“We are still working upon new Ideas and over the next six months we will unveil future plans for the Club

Youth Development is one of the critical areas of a club and hence we need to pay utmost attention to it. We will follow a comprehensive, practical and a futuristic plan for the club.”

The club also announced a focus on increasing community support, with plans to increase membership by linking up with local Schools and Colleges

Dempo were the Inaugural I-League Champions in 2007-08, as well as romping to victory in 2009-10 and 2011-12.


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