(Image) The 64 Nationalities of Major League Soccer in One Graph

America’s league might have more global appeal than first thought.

If you read the title of this link (highly likely) you’ll now know that there are players from 64 different nations around the world playing in MLS, unless you already did (highly unlikely).

Courtesy of Reddit user twwalter, we now have a fantastic visualisation of just how diverse MLS truly is.

Unsurprisingly, US is the dominant nationality with almost 300 players being registered by FIFA under the Star-Spangled Banner. Similarly, Canada comes a distant second with 24 players.

The rest of the map may surprise some, however. For example there are more Italians playing in MLS right now that there are in the Premier League – and more than half of them play for Montreal Impact.

There are also fewer Mexicans than Brits, and more Grenadians than Portuguese.

See the graph for yourself here:

MLS Nationality Graph

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