Trevor Morgan: IMG-R League Could Better the I-League

Proposed tournament the best thing for Indian football

IMG-R Coach Trevor Morgan has added his two penny’s worth into the hottest debate In Indian football, whether the I-league will suffer at the hands of the new IMG-R Tournament.

The coach who is contracted until September to improve the fitness levels of the IMG-R players, feels that the new venture could actually benefit the I-League by exposing it to the rest of the world.

Speaking to Goal India he said: “First of all I believe this is not a competition that will detract anything from the competitiveness and rivalries that exist in the I-League.

“It is however an opportunity for all fans to see top class players playing in Indian football and for people outside of India to realise cricket is not the only game played here.

Nobody outside of India knows how big football is here, maybe this is the ideal opportunity for that to change”

The former East Benglal Coach is also positive about using the IPL as a template.

If you look at the success of the IPL cricket – the huge crowds, worldwide television coverage and top international players involved, it proves that a competition that brings quality and crispiness can succeed.”

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